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The RR Size Me Story

Hi! I’m Brittny Hansen, creator of RRSize.Me. I’ve been a Ruby Ribbon Consultant since December 2020, a professional programmer since June 2004 and a hater of bras since… well whenever the novelty of my first one wore off 😛

One summer during college I took a job at Mervyn’s. I ended up as a sales associate in their lingerie department. I HATED it! I was absolutely mortified to be hanging around bras and underwear all the time. Especially since I worked there with my friends – who were predominantly guys ? They of course got a kick out of paging me over the intercom, “Brittny in lingerie please come to the South Doors” ? I swore that I would never again have a job involving lingerie. #FamousLastWords

A couple years back I started lurking around a friend who posted about these camis that could act as a replacement for bras. They were underwire free, smoothed out your waistline AND provided better support than an actual bra! I was super intrigued, but since I didn’t live where I could try one on I hesitated. I mean, I’m not a small busted woman and all of those claims sounded too good to be true. Even with a money back guarantee I couldn’t convince myself to take the plunge. I had tried a LOT of different bras through the years and the claims never held up. I didn’t want to invest in something like that and find out that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be!

In December Ruby Ribbon had a sale on starter stylist kits that would give you double the amount of product credit for the price of the kit. If I hated them I wouldn’t sell them. At least I’d get twice the value for my money, right? Well my order came the day before Christmas and… I didn’t hate them. Not even a little bit. In fact I loved them! I loved them so much I found that I preferred wearing a cami to NOT wearing a bra – not just better than my bra but better than NO bra! I couldn’t keep these a secret and began sharing them with my friends.

As I got started I found that the sizing process was complex. Different styles were better for different bodies, sizing recommendations changed based on body type, band size, cup size, comfort levels and more! I recognized that while these were problems that could be overwhelming to human brains they would be a breeze for a computerized algorithm. And I just so happened to know someone who knew their way around computerized algorithms 😉

I’ve spent lots of time looking through different sizing guidelines and figuring out just which factors were most important in sizing people. I researched how to determine measurements from clothing sizes (as accurately as possible). I gathered information from more experienced stylists to ensure that I had the best grasp possible on what made different styles fit just right. Then I took all that data and put it to work in creating an algorithm that will determine the best sizes and styles for your clients with the least effort on your part and theirs.

Additionally, those recommendations are automatically linked to YOUR Ruby Ribbon site and right to the collections they are interested in. RRSize.Me will make your sales process easier and more accurate – freeing up your time to find and care for customers rather than pouring through sizing charts and recommendations.

I’m glad you’re here! Please reach out if you have any questions that I can help with or if you have any problems with the sizing recommendations. I want to learn more and make these recommendations even better so we can help more women find the comfort and freedom of the #BraFree #CamiLife!